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The Why of ‘The Real P3’

This episode features the creators of The Real P3 to explain the WHY behind “The Real P3”. It will give you an opportunity to learn about the team behind the scenes and their mission to bring pork producers together throughout the world.

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In this week’s episode, we sit down with Amanda Minton and Dr. Justin Fix with Acuity Genetics to discuss getting genetics right in your herd. Amanda touches on boar fertility and how The Maschhoffs and Acuity have researched this issue in their systems and Dr. Fix discusses how to make sure we get the right genetics utilizing the correct drivers within your herds. Acuity was born out of the Maschhoffs need for better genetics and is now available to other producers.

In this episode, we are visiting pork producer, Ron Simmons, with Masterblend Farms. When many people think of North Carolina and pork production, companies like Smithfield Foods comes to mind,. But in Kenansville, NC Ron and his crew take vertical integration in a different direction. They are 100% pasture-based and market all of their own pork products via restaurants like the famous “The Pitt” in Raliegh to their own storefront at the farm. Learn more about how Ron is chasing greatness and making a pasture-based system thrive in the heart of the mega-producers.

In this episode, we will visit with doctoral candidate Edward Yang, formerly a pig producer from China, on the opportunities within the global swine industry from the USA to China. Edward will also discuss what he has learned in his business minor and how it applies to make producers profitable and sustainable. Edward is an upcoming leader in our industry and has the ability to bring the global swine industry into perspective from both the USA and China perspectives.

In our final part of the MW ASAS, Dr. Ana de Souza will walk us through the key takeaways. One of the main presentations and discussions from the meetings and the last year came out of Dr. Stein’s laboratory again looking at effects of leucine-rich diets and the consequences it has on other amino acids, especially the branch chain amino acids. Learn from one of the best as Dr. de Souza gives you a rundown on the need to know information.

This episode is part 2 of 3 featuring Kent Nutrition’s Dr. Jim Smith. this episode Dr. Smith will discuss the information from Midwest ASAS and how to apply it to the farm level. “So I’m always trying to balance the good statistical science with practicality.” You will definitely better understand how nutritionists determine if P < 0.05 versus $2/pig wins and what drives our decisions.

Part 1 of 3: In this week’s episode we are reviewing Midwest ASAS meetings with Evonik’s Dr. Caroline Gonzalez-Vega. She will discuss the advances made in amino acid and protein nutrition on the opportunities for improved efficiency and feed cost savings.

In this episode, Casey and Steven discuss Urban Farmer’s mission of enabling Africa to competitively produce livestock to foster the vision of producing affordable, safe, high-quality animal protein in Africa, Africa. They discuss some of the African market’s challenges and opportunities and some of the solutions and services that Urban Farmer provides to support producers.

In this episode, we visit Pieter Beerens in the Netherlands to discuss what it takes to get up to 37 PSY. Pieter has been working with Swinco for a couple of years on implementing “The Big Litter” concept and has achieved over an 8% improvement in PSY while creating an easier system to manage bigger litters. This podcast is a follow-up to our milk deck discussion and was graciously sponsored by Swinco.

In this episode, Nii talks about pig farming in Ghana. Today, Nii tells us about the challenges of pork production, processing swine for sales, and meeting the local pork demands. Living an hour and a half from the capital city, Nii tells us how his brother’s shop helps with his pork sales, and we hear how the increase in food prices has affected his business. How does Nii get around the effects of the Ghanaian temperatures on the pigs? What are the challenges with raising fourth-generation pigs? We hear Nii’s predictions on the Ghanaian GDP, and he tells us about the limitations to expand his production capacity.

This is a special edition featuring Brian Strobel with Gestal. Brian is trained as an agriculture engineer but has also owned his own contract finishing units. He has spent most of his career working with pigs and producers and is passionate about getting things right in the barns. Learn about how to optimize your ventilation and performance with two seasoned professionals.

In this episode, Sanne Baden talks about her 28 years of experience in the pig industry. Today, Sanne tells us about her “color system” for monitoring pig movement, turning around underperforming farms, and the difficulties of motivating others to join the industry. We get to hear about pre-weaning mortality, using sawdust to effectively dry pigs, and solving the problem of crushing.
Sanne also tells us about the common problems she sees on farms regarding medications, nutrition, and the treatment of the pigs by farmworkers.

This week we visit with South Dakota State University Doctorate Candidate Shannon Dierking. Shannon was born and raised on a swine farm in NE Nebraska and is currently evaluating the impact of nutrition on the stress of sows. But the conversation goes deeper and reflects on Shannon’s passion for the industry and how we can attract future leaders back into our industry.

In this episode we once again go down a different path and speak with The Sunswine Group’s Apprentice Henry Silva and gain valuable insights into marketing to an urban consumer. We also learn what is lacking to bring the new generation back into agriculture. You will gain valuable insights into this disconnect and the lack of information truly getting out to our consumers and potential workforce.

In this episode we have the privilege to visit with Angie Krieger – Vice President Domestic Marketing at the National Pork Board. We will discuss Real Pork and determine if it was fate or not that The Real P3 was created. We will learn how to use marketing strategies to connect to all of our consumers, regardless of our country. We will also discuss the new marketing strategies of the Pork Board beyond #realpork and how niche pork is going to be the year of growth.

In this episode The Real P3 creators: Dr. Casey Bradley, Philip van den Brink, and Vincent ter Beek review 2020 and discuss insights into 2021 for the swine industry. Enjoy some laughs and hear some perspectives of African Swine Fever and feed mitigation.

Special Edition Episode featuring Paul Faris with Novus International. Paul has over 20 years experience managing swine systems for both Cargill Pork and then JBS. During this time he mastered the use of rescue decks and milk systems to optimize the systems PSY in both continuous flow and batch-farrow farms. This episode is in follow-up to the question Johan proposed in turn-the-table on Dr. Bradley. If you are struggling with or considering milk systems for your sow farm this episode is for you.

This week we visit an Irish Pork Producer, Colin Twomey. Colin discusses the changes in regulations around zinc oxide in nursery diets and the new challenges producers in Ireland face. Plus Colin asks Dr. Bradley on how to manage all the extra pigs being born.

This week we head off to China to visit with Dr. Wayne Johnson, a practicing veterinarian in China. We will learn about the new challenges facing pork production in China post-ASF as there is a mixture of new and old diseases now to manage.

In this week’s episode we are visiting with James Lamb from the Prestage System in NC, USA. James has accumulated several awards over the years for his commitment to the swine industry and the environment.

In this week’s episode we will visit with pig farm and author Johan Odendall in Zimbabwe. We will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges of managing sows in 40+C temperatures and their recent successes and future opportunities. In case you are curious to read Johan’s book its available at Amazon – “The Rise of the Vaesons” by P.J. Odendall.

In this week’s episode we visit with Christine Snowden, Gilt Selection Officer for Heimerl Farms in Ohio, USA, about getting the best gilts into your system.

For our first episode we travel to Denmark to speak with a sow farm manager, Mihaela, about her role and current problems. Stay tuned to the end to hear from someone with boots on the ground working around ASF in Germany as her wean pigs are finished out in Germany and Poland.

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