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SwiNE Nutrition Management is a consultancy service where we as pig nutritionists have a vision to provide our customers with practical, up-to date and accurate nutritional information, which will add value to their farming enterprises by moving closer to unlocking the genetic potential of their animals.

SwiNE Nutrition Management, pig nutritionists, pig feeding programs, SwiNE
SwiNE Nutrition Management, pig nutritionists, pig feeding programs, SwiNE

our services

To be able to carry out our vision the services we provide to our clients include the following:
1. Farm Consultations
2. Feed Formulations
3. Customized Macro Solutions
4. Feed Quality Monitoring
5. Feed Training
6. SwiNE Baynesfield Research Facility

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Tel: +2712 346 2062

Swine Nutrition Management
Swine Nutrition Management
Special Edition Episode on The Real P3 - featuring Paul Faris with Novus International. Paul has over 20 years experience managing swine systems for both Cargill Pork and then JBS. During this time he mastered the use of rescue decks and milk systems to optimize the systems PSY in both continuous flow and batch-farrow farms. This episode is in follow-up to the question Johan proposed in turn-the-table on Dr. Bradley. If you are struggling with or considering milk systems for your sow farm this episode is for you.